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The online shopping site in Nigeria with the best deals and affordable price is Obejor online shop. Obejor online shop is the best online shopping site with over 1 million customers.


Online Shopping
Online Shopping

Obejor Online shop has over 20,000 products with over 100 categories, adequately organized and optimized for accessible navigation throughout the site. Obejor online store is designed with you in mind. Obejor online shop is an online shopping site with the proper product description and crystal-clear product images.

Product images in the Obejor online shopping site are actual product images that describe the visual appearance. To a certain level, it gives you a closer understanding of the product you want to buy.

Our online shop is made for Nigerians only. That is why our prices are in Nigerian Naira. The products in our online shopping site are available in Nigeria for Nigerians to consume. Manufacturer Warranty covers electronics available on


Choosing a reliable online store is not easy, but there are reasons why you should trust and shop with Obejor online store. Below are six reasons why you should join over 1 million customers who trust Obejor online store as their no 1 Online shop among all the other Online Stores in Nigeria.

  1. is a Nigerian brand, and we save the Naira when we shop from our Local brand.
  2. as a brand has satisfied over 1 Million customers for the past 20 years with quality products.
  3. Products sold on our online store come with a manufacturer warranty.
  4. We have the fastest delivery in Nigeria.
  5. We have the most secured checkout security with 128 BITS Wildcard SSL security.
  6. We offer amazing discounts on all our products.
Online Shopping
Online Stores in Nigeria


Yes, we accept cash on delivery for customers in Lagos. For our customers outside Lagos, we can take partial commitment before delivery.

This partial commitment is to protect us and extend our quality cash-on-delivery service to our customers outside Lagos.

We have the interest of our customers at heart. Therefore, we have used this avenue to make it easy for them to shop without OTP, which means you can shop without an ATM card.



Shopping online with is very easy, and below are the four steps you must take to shop online

  1. Search and select your desired product
  2. Add the product to the cart
  3. Navigate to the Checkout page and Input your address.
  4. Select a payment option and complete your order.
Online stores in Nigeria
Online stores in Nigeria


As a dealer, you can list your products on our online shopping site and make extra income hustle-free. We provide both buyer and seller protection across all our products.

This means that there are terms and conditions that are covering transactions on These terms and conditions protect customers from buying damaged or flawed products.

At the same time, we protect our merchants from buyer fraud.

THE MOST TRUSTED ONLINE SHOP IN NIGERIA is a trusted online shop in Nigeria. Below are some cardinal reasons why you should trust online shop. maintains a solid 5-star rating across all social media networks and pages with high positive reviews from our customers.

Since 2018, have been online with thousands of products offered to millions of customers.

We have a well-trained customer support team ready to respond to your need, swiftly provide you with that first-class response, and resolve all issues as fast as possible.

Our history is grounded. Obejor have been an offline store for the past 20 years before deciding to make a bold step into digital shopping.

We offer the best deals online; this makes our products more affordable amidst the harsh economic crisis across the country


Obejor Online store, when compared with other online stores in Nigeria, has proved to be the best online store in Nigeria among the various Online Stores in Nigeria. Below we have critically compared Obejor online store with other online stores in Nigeria.

Obejor Online Store Other Online Stores
Obejor Online Shopping site has the fastest and the most responsive customer support. We respond to our customers within seconds, Via email, Phone call and social media.
Other Online shops such as Jumia and Konga do not meet this expectation as it takes time for them to pick calls or respond to customers’ mail
Obejor Online Shopping site has the smoothest navigation, making it easy for our customers to locate products they are searching for very fast.
Other online shops such as Kumia and Konga have a clustered navigation process that makes their website look overcrowded.
Obejor Online Shopping site has products that are available in Nigeria. This availability makes the delivery faster.
Others like Jumia and Konga are dropshipping sites which sell products that are not in Nigeria.
Obejor online shopping site has the fastest delivery in Lagos and other states. In Lagos, you can get the item you ordered delivered to your chosen address in minutes. While Outside Lagos, in a maximum of 2 days.

Items ordered in other online shops like jumia and Konga take up to a week. People have been complaining about social media.