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Bluetooth FM Car Transmitter With 3.1A Fast Charging Port

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Bluetooth FM Car Transmitter With 3.1A Fast Charging Port

This Bluetooth Car Mp3 player
allows you to connect your phone to it via Bluetooth and enjoy your phone’s
playlist while driving. It connects to your car’s stereo system through FM
(Frequency Modulation) and it has excellent clarity which means, no breaks or
cracks while you play your music. In addition to this, it has a powerful
microphone which means that you can make and receive calls with this device
effortlessly. It has a dedicated phone key that can be used to answer calls.

It has a 3.1amps USB Port which
offers your phone and similar devices fast charging.

It also has an SD Card reader and a 1.0amps USB port for
flash drives and USB card readers which means you can enjoy music from your
memory devices.

This device has a broad frequency range so finding a
the suitable and matching frequency with your car’s FM wouldn’t be a problem at all.

HANDS-FREE FUNCTION: Built-in Microphone, Switch to Hands-free mode
automatically from music playing status when receiving calls. Bluetooth Connection;·  Power on the device and has voice prompts: Bluetooth is ready to pair. · Turn on a cellphone or other Bluetooth device and search the name of in the Bluetooth column.·  There has voice prompts after connection.: Bluetooth connected successfully. Connecting The Car FM Radio;·   Power on the device.·   Choose any clear channel in car radio.· Long press the answer key until the LED display flashing.· Rotation the answer knob to adjust the same channel with car FM, Short press the answer key to fix the channel, Please try different channels to achieve the best clarity
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