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    Buy Servers And Workstations Online from Obejor Computers

    Servers and Workstations are hardware devices that accept and respond to requests sent over the network.

    How to Choose a Workstation CPU?

    The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the lifeblood of any computer. This type of chip or multiple chips is needed because it required multiple cores essential for complex tasks. A workstation refers to the number of cores and threads of the CPU (Intel and AMD high-end processors can each process two computing threads at the same time) to make a basic estimate of its processing capacity.

    The least powerful CPUs you find have four cores, while high-end CPUs can have 32 to 64 cores. Processors with higher cores and threads are more suitable for multitasking. The device may respond faster to general use.

    Where to Buy a Workstation and Servers?
    Buy workstations and servers online in Nigeria at affordable prices. Obejor Computers offers the best shopping experience. Shop for your servers, workstations, and other networking peripherals. Make us your number-one online shopping destination and you won’t have any regrets about making this decision.