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    Generator & Power Solutions from Obejor Computers

    Whether it is for your home or office, you can get a generator and other power solutions in Obejor Computers at affordable prices. With our extensive range of generators and power solutions, you can say goodbye to power outages. Here, we have the perfect range of generators, inverters, and surge protectors. We also have portable solar generators.
    We have generators in different sizes and capacities, ranging from 1.5kva-1000KVA generators, and more. Whether Gasoline generators, diesel generators, or Solar generators you can surely get them at affordable prices in Obejor Computers.

    Obejor Computers offer different models of generators and power solutions from top and reliable brands such as firman generator, Mikano, Haier Thermocool, Elemax, Honda Perkins, Elepaq, Lutian, Tiger, Infinix, etc.
    Buy Power Solution Equipment like stabilizers and Inverters. The use of Voltage stabilizers is not only limited to house/ office equipment, it can also be used outdoors.
    Obejor offers different brands and models of power supplies, this ranges from Ups, stabilizers, generators, and Inverters of the different top and reliable brands.
    Buy firman generators, inverter generators, solar generators, power generators, diesel generators, petrol generators, and a lot more at the best prices in Obejor Computers.