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Infinix Android TV 32” Smart LED TV FHD Netflix


Infinix 32” Smart Android Led TV Full HD With Netflix, Youtube, Google Play, Prime Video, Infinix mobility popularly known in the smartphone market for its range of featured and mid-range phones has added TV to its catalog.

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Infinix Android TV details

Infinix Android TV 32” Smart Full HD With Netflix, Youtube, Google Play, Prime Video, Infinix mobility popularly known in the smartphone market for its range of featured and mid-range phones has added TV to its catalog.

The Chinese-based company announced the launch of its first smart TV “Infinix TV” as the world’s first TV with an ultra-high level of interaction with smartphones.

This TV is designed for young consumers, it adopts an elegant design as well as intelligent functions that will give the market a surprise.

Infinix Android TV Design

At first view, it is no doubt that Infinix TV is a beautiful piece. According to the company this TV sport a frameless design that allows every picture to spread across the screen without hindrance.

Although the smart TV refers to as a frameless TV, it comes with bezels around the screen that are 2mm wide and at the bottom a 3.2mm bezel. On the bottom bezel, however, is the company’s logo which is tiny enough to be omitted at first glance.

Infinix TV features an aluminum boďy with a plastic stand and mainboard cover which makes the TV unique with elegant looks. It also comes with two wide stands positioned at the edge of the TV and a flat rear panel to allow for wall mounting. Furthermore, at the sides of the TV sits two-channel of 10-watt full-range audio speakers for an immersive woofing sound experience.


Infinix TV screen supports a great HDR quality which offers a wide color gamut, resulting in deeper, richer colors with content that supports it. Thanks to the HDR support this TV will provide a much brighter image with a higher level of contrast between light and dark areas on the screen.

This Infinix Smart TV also offers a wide viewing angle which gives access to extraordinary details and intense color, thus, allows you to view your TV color and brightness up to 178 degrees.

The Infinix TV series also offers a 60Hz frame rate which is 2x faster than an old 30Hz TV. This allows viewers to enjoy a smoother motion and more detail in a movement without blur.

Smart Features.

Infinix mobility launched this new technology as a means of opening a new era for smartphone and IoT products which means the company brings together the smart technologies into smart TV so as to offer a new seamless way to enjoy media.

This brings us to believe that the Infinix TV has come to bridge the communication between mobile phones and TV, in order to send messages to manufacturers and consumers that “THE FUTURE IS NOW” for cutting-edge technologies.

Similarly, this smart TV supports the Infinix Life APP on your smartphone which allows your Infinix smartphone. This app is popularly known as a Health & Fitness App to record data related to steps, sleep, heart, sports and etc., so as to let you view a complete history of your health statistics. However, Infinix is making known that this app which is already pre-installed on most infinix smartphones also allows you to use your phone as a remote control, and share data via Wi-Fi, or hotspot.

In addition, the Infinix Life app enables you to control your Infinix Smart TV with your smartphone as an E-remote. You can adjust volume, choose Apps, and many more functions. With the use of the Wi-Fi/hotspot, you can also use your smartphone as an air cursor pointer also known as the Air Mouse.

Above all, the Infinix TV comes with a manual minimalist design remote control with a smooth and sleek design to
fit any hand comfortably.

Key features

32 inches
Android TV
Led Full HD
Google Play
Prime Video
Display Features: HD
Display Size (inches): 32.0
Refresh Rate: 50/60Hz
Color: Black
Model: 32×1

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