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16″-Binatone Standing Fan VS-1656


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16″-Binatone Standing Fan VS-1656

16″-Binatone Standing Fan VS-1656 is a high-class, high-efficiency stand-fan is designed for elegance and durability. With its powerful blades, 3-speed mode, and height-rotation adjustment, it will cool your place as and where you prefer. Binatone have innovative, affordable, and good products that add value to your life.

16″-Binatone Standing Fan VS-1656 is your best home and office appliance for achieving a relaxed and comfortable environment. It comes with nice blades to give you the best cooling experience. Adjust the height of the fan to your desired angle for a better cooling effect or you can position it to a particular area. Its 3-speed selector lets you have absolute control over the fan by regulating how fast the blades rotate. It has a sturdy base which gives it solid comfort and ensures it does not tilt. 


Stand Fan

High efficiency

Blades Silent

Breezy Elegant Swivel 

Height adjustment B 2`

Power: 65 Watts


The Binatone brand leads in the world of electronics. This is because Binatone continues to identify trends and respond to consumer needs with unique and attractive products through a sales and distribution network that covers 4 continents and 75 countries. 

With expertise in a clearly focused range of products, a Binatone appliance is a welcome presence in every Nigerian home. Binatone Appliances are available in Obejor at the best prices in Nigeria.