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C12 Car Kit FM Transmitter USB Charger

  • FM Transmitter
  • FM Receiver
  • Type C port for your Pro Max

7,000 9,000

Product information

C12 Car Charger


Operation Guide:
1. Plug in the FM transmitter into your car lighter socket for power, Make sure that the frequency Number e.g 87.5 or 102.5 e.t.c on your normal car radio matches with the frequency of the product you just plugged in. Always keep the FM transmitter and car FM radio at the same frequency. If it doesn’t Work at first, Please Carefully Remove the transmitter You just plugged And plug it in again. You will hear YOUR BLUETOOTH


2. Please find search the new device From your phone’s Bluetooth menu. Click on the new blue tooth to connect & you will immediately Hear YOUR BLUETOOTH DEVICE IS CONNECTED SUCCESSFULLY. now you can play all songs, podcasts, preaching, lecture, and any other sound From your Phone to the audible Car speaker. The simple steps work like magic.
Kindly SNAPSHOT all the operation guide information here to serve as a manual when you receive what you’re ordering for. It will help you to connect Without Stress.

Warming Tips,

1. It may connect to the last paired device automatically when turned on next time. (Turn on the Bluetooth of your smart device first, and then turn on the product
2. For the best audio quality, please turn the volume of your smart device and FM transmitter to the max
3. The signal of any FM transmitter sometimes can be interfered with by the surrounded radio or a similar frequency signal thus cause noise, this is normal.
4. If the noise is too loud, please try another blank FM station