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Cymbal Drummer Brass 14” Splash Hi-hat Crash

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Sabian Cymbals details

Sabian Cymbals Crafted in the Sabian Vault Sabian Master Product Specialist Mark Love was instrumental in the launch of the popular Brass series: “SBr offers a new, higher quality of brass cymbal and sound for beginner drummers and students. Despite their budget price, SBr cymbals are designed as value-added cymbals that set a new standard of quality at this price point. To guarantee this level of quality, SBr cymbals feature the same hand-guided, high-pressure hammering and traditional hand lathing applied to more expensive professional cymbals.
Tightly-focused Sound in Three Great Models
14” SBr Hats produce tight, clean sounds when closed, and loud fullness when open. Partially open, attack them with your stick shoulder for an effective crisp, thick tone – with none of the tinny sounds typically found at this price point. Switch to an opened-closed jazz rhythm and they sound authentic and breezy. The body is always substantial and steady and closed eighth-note patterns remain dense sounding – never thin. A 16” Crash yields similar pleasing results. Powered by pure Sabian Brass, it’s a loud punchy model, ideal for accents. The decay is fairly rapid, with more than enough sustain for proper wash-ride patterns. Delivering full-sounding ride patterns, the 20” SBr Ride offers unmatched versatility at this price point. The medium weight and classic profile of this popular model lend it instant credibility. The decay is fast so you can wash-ride it with confidence if needed, and the bell has a powerful sound – not unlike a much more expensive bronze bell. The Stick response is clean and the sound is always lively.

The Best Brass
Where you begin as a drummer is important. For that reason, Sabian has designed SBr cymbals to make your first steps easy and enjoyable. Hammered and lathed, SBr cymbals deliver the tightly focused sounds of pure brass – at a very nice price. And they are available in popular models and sizes. Responding to universal demand for quality cymbals at all price points, Sabian introduced SBr in 2009 as a new series of brass cymbals designed to offer improved quality and value for entry-level drummers. Produced from a special-formula brass alloy in the Sabian Vault, the budget-priced SBr is available in a full range of popular sizes and models, each featuring deep, large-peen hammering and pinpoint lathing.

Key Features

14” Hats, 16” Crash, 18″ and 20” Ride
Designed and crafted in the Sabian Vault
“Sonically Matched” Sets – only from Sabian
The ideal starter pack for any beginner
Huge upgrade over OEM cymbals included with starter drum kits
Professional large peen hammering and pinpoint lathing
Sabian Brass delivers tightly focused sound
Smartly and affordably priced for any budget
Where you begin matters – Play the best brass

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