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England Jasmat 20A Switch

1. Office lighting
2. Hotel lighting
3. Event Centers
VOLTAGE: 220/240

1,900 4,000

Get the England Jasmat 20A Switch from Obejor Computers at the Best Price.

The England Jasmat 20A Switch is a highquality, reliable switch designed for use in domestic and commercial applications. It features a single pole, double throw (SPDT) switch which can switch between two different circuits.  The switch may be used with normal wiring and has a 20 Amp rating as well.

The Jasmat  Switch Decorative Modern Switch is a brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged item in original retail packaging. It has a beautifully distinct look that will softly illuminate your home’s interior with a touch of style.


Smooth to go with any surface
A carefully created design with a careful finish that will blend with any surface.

A Switch for every wall
A slim design with a screw cap for installation hole which fits flush within the wall.

A Switch for every press
A smooth surface design makes pressing easy. Switch on. Switch off. Click away!

Flame Retardant Material
Urea resin V-O graded materials are reliable materials against accidental fire

Safe Installation
Simple cable connection and installation ensure that terminal screws are secure

1. Office lighting
2. Hotel lighting
3. Event Centers
VOLTAGE: 220/240

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