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Huawei Landline GSM With Large Display Screen

13,000 15,000

Huawei Landline details


We have so accustomed ourselves to smartphones that we have forgotten the official feel of the landline. Yes, that table phone which completes your office desk while among other devices like computers and printers. It does not only complete, but it also tells any customer that you are a serious business company.

Buy it, use it at home, office place, or any other place you sit regularly to conduct serious/friendly affairs.

This Huawei landline device comes with an LCD backlight for night views, loudspeaker functions, Uses SIM cards like any other cell phone.

The Huawei Landline has a high-frequency range which means you won’t complain about network ish except for on. Also, it’s wireless and can be carried around the office place, rooms, or Business area.

LCD backlight for night vision.

Loudspeaker support

Working frequency 850/900/1800/1900Mhz

You can save your contacts on this phone.

You can view messages and reply to messages via this phone.

It’s caller ID enabled. That means you get to see the caller’s name.

It’s wireless and can be carried about the house, office place and business area

It has complete cell phone functions and is cheaper than most cell phones.

Any SIM card from any network is acceptable such as mtn/glo/airtel.

It’s rechargeable