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LG Professional E-Board Floor Stand (86TR3E-B)

Interactive Digital Board
Brightness(Typ.): 410 cd/m²
Touch Type: InGlass™
Multi touch point: Max 20 Point
Interface: HDMI (3), DP, DVI, RGB

1,524,600 1,588,125

Get the LG Professional E-Board at an Affordable Price from Obejor Nigeria

The LG Professional E-Board Floor Stand embedded with an LG IDB App and a WebOS makes it possible to write and collaborate on Interactive Digital Board (IDB) without the need for a PC. The most advanced touch technology, InGlass™, enables precise touch responses and detailed writing like real handwriting. The thickness of the pen is adapted to the writing speed and a maximum of 20-point multi-touch is supported.

The LG Professional E-Board offers…
Efficient Collaboration All-in-One Meeting Experience – For effective collaboration, LG Interactive Digital Board (IDB) combines whole processes which include sharing screens of participants’ laptops via wired/wireless* connection simultaneously, writing on the shared screen, and saving annotation.

UHD Resolution – With the superior picture quality with the UHD resolution of LG IDB, users can view the content in fine detail even when zooming in it on the display. It provides a high-quality media experience with 4 times higher definition picture quality than FHD.

IPS Panel True Colors and Wider View – The LG IPS panel has a wide viewing angle to deliver clear content regardless of the positions of meeting attendees. Moreover, each pixel of the IPS panel truly reproduces the image colors without distortion.

Device Specification:
Brightness(Typ.): 410 cd/m²
Touch Type: InGlass™
Multi-touch point: Max 20 Point
Interface: HDMI (3), DP, DVI, RGB, RS232C, RJ45, USB (2), OPS USB, Touch USB (2), Wi-fi Built-in

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