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Ox Ceiling Fan 25 Inches Short Blade.

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Product information

Ox 25 Lnchs Short Blade Ceiling Fan. OX Short Blade is, Strong and Long-Lasting. OX Short Blade 25inch Ceiling Fan goes at high speed for strong breeze and has a five-speed regulator with a minimum of 60 percent regulation. With a 25-inch sweep, it has a permanently lubricated double ball bearing assembly for a noise-free and long-lasting operation. • Details: Elegance Ceiling Fan • Attractive blade trims and decorative cup Features Number of blades: 4 Supply: a.c., Single Phase Volts V: 220-240 V – Voltage Range 230 V – Rated Voltage Frequency Hz: 50 Hz Sweep in MM: 1400 mm Current drawn in (A): 0.36 ±10% Amp Max speed (RPM): 270 ±10% RPM Power consumption in (W): 70 ±10% W Air delivery (M3/Minute): 230 ±10% M3/Minute Phase: Single Phase This is a must-have for every house.