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Sony PS4 Pro 1TB with 2 Games Injustice 2 + Prey

Brand Sony
Product Type Console
Product Title Sony Playstation 4 Console
Optical Drive Blu- ray DVD RW
Controller(s) 1 Dualshock 4 Wireless
Storage 500GB
Audio/Video HDMI
Networking Wi-Fi

404,250 427,350

Sony PS4 Pro details


PS4 PRO 1TB BLACK with 2games: PS4 Injustice 2 + PS4 PREY Spectacular Graphics: 4K TV owners can experience higher quality visuals, such as 4K quality resolution, as well as faster and more stable frame rates. HD TV users will also enjoy enhanced gameplay experiences on PS4â„¢ titles in 1080p, along with higher and more stable frame rates.
Ultimate Performance: Double the power with an incredible combination of visual quality and performance in a console.
Enhanced Gameplay: Supporting faster frame rates for super-sharp and smoother on-screen action.
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Technology: Visuals are more realistic, strikingly vivid, and truer than what the human eye sees in the real world.
Ultimate Share Play and Remote Play: Share or stream your games in stunning detail with visuals of up to 1080p and 60fps.
More Connections: Features 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi mode options and HDMI 2.0 output

Hardware-wise, it’s pretty much the same, with 1TB of storage, and plays the same library of downloadable or disc-based games as the older PS4. If you want improved graphics, you’ll have to look at the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro, which supports 4K output and content.

Side by side against the older PS4, the difference in size is readily apparent. While the footprint is mostly the same (the older PS4 is just a little bit wider), the slim version shows off its successful weight-loss program results by being about half an inch shorter.

The PS4 Slim, as we’ve taken to calling it, also looks a lot better. There’s a new matte sandpaper finish, which is a lot nicer to look at than the half glossy finish of the original, and Sony says it’s about 25 percent lighter as well. Holding both in my hands, the weight difference is obvious, though I’m guessing it wouldn’t really matter unless you’re lugging your console around all the time (which doesn’t happen a lot, for most people).

There’s no longer an optical audio jack, a space and component cost savings. On the plus side, this new PS4 is supposed to run cooler and quieter. I loaded up some test games (such as Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Rebel Galaxy) to test this, and found to my surprise I could hardly hear the fan at all. I usually get very annoyed at the PS4’s loud fan, so having a quieter console really made a difference.

Other improvements include a new tweaked DualShock 4 controller that features a lighted strip above the touchpad, as well as the ability to be plugged into the PS4 Slim’s USB port for better response times while gaming.