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Vga To Hdmi Converter (Video Graphics Array)

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Vga To Hdmi Converter details

Vga To Hdmi Converter (Video Graphics Array) The adapter comes with the compact portable
design, allows you to convert the analog VGA output
from most PC’s and laptops to your HDTV, Easy
operation and convenient to use,
1) Insert the VGA interface into the computer or other
equipment with the VGA output,
They usually use the system: win 7, win8.
How to use:
Compatible Model:
The converter will take an audio signal from the
computer and embedded it into the HDMI signal
output, so that the user is able to enjoy both audio
and video through a single cable,
The device is plug-and-play, it will automatically
sense the native resolution of the display and scale
the computer’s output to match it.
Share your video/audio/data from computers or
notebooks, desktops, laptops that has only a VGA port
to any HDMI- equipped devices like HDTVs,
monitors, displayers for big-screen viewing
Supports Resolution: 720P/1080i/1080P