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White Rechargeable PA System With 2 Microphones

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White Rechargeable PA System details

White Rechargeable PA System Wireless voice Amplifier Speaker with two Wireless Microphones, USB, This is a rechargeable speaker with two wireless Microphones. It can play music using Cassette, USB, memory card, or through a phone. The wireless microphones can reach up to 100 meters.

Charge it 3 to 4 hours, It lasts 6 to 8 hours. It has low, charging and full Charge battery indicators. It is good for preaching, teaching, etc.

It is used in churches, mosques, schools, Sports fields, etc. The sound is very loud and distorted. It has volume control, ECHO sound control.

It has double antennas for the microphones. It has a carrying hand. It also has an extra microphone slot port in case if the extra microphone is needed. It comes with Microphones, battery, power cord (charging cable), and owner’s manual.

A self-contained portable PA System Public Address system, with roadworthy construction and a host of integrated features. A modern Megaphone Built-in amplifier operating from mains or internal rechargeable battery powers a bass driver and 1″ compression driven. A pair of included VHF handheld wireless microphones work in conjunction with the internal receiver, two standard ‘wired’ microphones can also be plugged in giving the user a total of four microphones. Finally an auxiliary line input and integral USB/SD media player allow for direct reading of MP3s from USB or SD cards. iPods, Laptops, CD players can also be connected via the PAs RCA (line input) located on the rear of the unit. A molded handle and pole mount are included and a retractable trolley handle and rear wheels provide easy portability


Echo effect for microphones

• 1x VHF handheld microphones included

• Integral USB/SD media player

• Mains/rechargeable operation

• Built-in trolley facility

• Rugged ABS case

• Moulded handle and internal 35mm pole fitting

• Power supply: 110-240Vac, 50/60Hz / external 12Vdc / internal battery


• HF driver: 2.5cm (1″) titanium compression driver

• Wireless microphone frequencies: 174.1MHz + 175.0MHz

• Power output: 50 + 50W rms (LF + HF)

• Battery life: Up to 8 hours

• Controls: Mic volume, Echo, Bass, Treble, Volume & VHF mic volumes

Voice broadcasting

LED Display

• Inputs: 2 x Mic and 1 Aux Version 30cm (12″)

Woofer: 15″ 100×1

Tweeter: 70×1

• Main driver 30cm (12”)

• Power handling: RMS 200W

• Dimensions 570 x 350 x 310mm

Package Includes:

One wireless handheld microphones

Portable Movable PA System

Infrared remote control