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Yamaha 7set Drum (RACK) Wine Red

430,500 435,750

Yamaha 7 Set Drum details

The Yamaha 7 Set Drum set is the perfect solution for beginning or intermediate drummers who want the quality of a Yamaha drum kit, without the hefty price tag. it offers you great value for your money and high-quality sounds. The  Drum set offers modern-day configurations which are designed to provide more classic and traditional set-ups. This is one of the easiest drum kits to set up and tune out of the box and with its birch shells, it offers a more full-bodied tone suitable for any musical genre. Using all of Yamaha’s experience, the drum is packed full of features that include new and improved low-mass lugs, a fabulous ISO mounting system, and stylish metallic sparkle wraps that will keep your drums not only sounding great but looking great for years to come. If you’re a drummer looking for quality, satisfaction, and performance, then this awesome Drum set is for you.