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Start Selling on Obejor Store and Start Increasing Your Revenue

Sell on Obejor. We believe that now more customers with a higher level of purchase is on the Internet. One of our goals is to provide customers with the widest range of products, which is why sellers are indispensable. As the best e-commerce company in Nigeria, we are always looking for ways to add value to our customers. As an Obejor seller, you participate in providing these customers with better choices, more favourable prices, and first-class customer experience, and at the same time, you get generous commissions for your efforts


Earn Money Selling

Obejor is the best e-commerce in Nigeria. We sell to more than 2 million buyers in every state of Nigeria.

Communication is the Key

We are easily accessible and can be reached through our emails, phone numbers or on our social media handles..

Get Low Commissions

Our commissions is the lowest when you compare with other similar e-commerce stores in Nigeria. You only pay when you have completed sales.

You Are in Control

You set your selling price, price of the return policy, the shipping method for paid orders, and other important options.

24 Hours Support

We offer 24hrs round the clock support for sellers on Obejor. We have dedicated staff that is ready to attend to your request.

Secure Payment

Obejor is the safest and most trusted online trading platform in Nigeria. We have built a community that takes the safety and security of buyers and sellers seriously.

Sell on Obejor and enjoy major benefits. We process payments with Flutter Rave, an external payments platform that allows you to process transactions with a variety of payment methods. Funds from Flutter Rave sales on Obejor will be deposited into your Bank account.