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Buy Servers Online in Nigeria

Servers are hardware devices that accept and respond to requests sent over the network. The device that makes the request and receives the response from the server is called the client. On the Internet, the term “server” usually refers to a computer system that receives requests for web files and sends those files to clients.

The server manages network resources. For example, users can set up servers to control access to the network, send/receive emails, manage print jobs, or host websites. They are also good at intensive calculations. Certain servers are dedicated to specific tasks and are often referred to as dedicated.

How do computers connect to the server?

Through the local network, the server is connected to the router or switch used by all other computers on the network. Once connected to the network, other computers can access the server and its functions. For example, using a web server, users can connect to the server to view websites, search, and communicate with other users on the network.

The Internet server works in the same way as the local network server, but on a much larger scale. The server is assigned an IP address by InterNIC or Web host.

Generally, users connect to the server using a domain name registered at a domain name registrar. When the user connects to the domain name (for example, ““), the name will be automatically converted to the server’s IP address by the DNS resolver.

The domain name makes it easier for users to connect to the server because the name is easier to remember than the IP address. In addition, domain names enable server operators to change the server’s IP address without interrupting the way users access the server. Even if the IP address changes, the domain name can always remain the same.

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